What is Bangkok Shuho?

-Japanese Newspaper BANGKOK SHUHO
-Established in 1976, BANGKOK SHUHO is the oldest and most respected Japanese newspaper in Southeast Asia.

-The Bangkok Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok, the biggest Japanese chamber of commerce and industry in the world has 1,069 registered companies (February 1999) and, about 2,500 Japanese companies including others take their positions in Thailand. Almost all these companies subscribe BANGKOK SHUHO regularly. So most of Japanese business people in Thailand are readers of BANGKOK SHUHO. It is said there are 50,000 Japanese who live in Thailand. We distribulte BANGKOK SHUHO to the places where Japanese tourists frequent, such as 200 domestic bookshops, 80 well-known hotels, and numerous restaurants. So, housewives and tourists are big readership, too.

-BANGKOK SHUHO is a general Japanese newspaper with three sections:
 1) General news which cover all the contents cencerning politics, culture, and business areas
 2) Information and Travel section focus on where to dine, shop and visit
 3) Map and Entertainment



BANGKOK SHUHO is accessible on the Internet. Online subscription is available for the global audience.

For more info, write to

 Bangkok Shuho International Co.,Ltd.
 Charn Issara Tower 1, 1st FL.
 942/43 Rama4 RD., Suriyawongse, Bangkok 10500
 TEL: (66 2)632-9179 FAX: (66 2)632-9354~5